3dsha.re is live and giving $5000 to the first 1000 sign-ups!

And we are live!

3D Printer Marketplace

Welcome one and all to 3DShare. We are trying to add some value to the 3D file marketplace in a way that encourages designers to work on more interesting creations.

The set up is this:

– I’m happy paying 99c for an app – Paying $20 for something is going to make me think twice
– We make your designs available at 99c
– Like the appstore, 70c of each download goes direct to your pocket – 29c covers payment processing, site costs etc
– As the volume of 3d file printing explodes, the potential market for your designs explode
– Think about it – 10,000 downloads = $7000
– Now think about 100,000 downloads!

To kick things off, we are putting $5 into the accounts of the first 1000 sign ups. This money cannot be withdrawn, but used to download the 99c files. If you’re a designer and you’d like to get your files noticed and make some money at the same time. Go and upload some designs now.

As you can see, some amazing designs are already on the site – Go and sign up and get downloading or sharing!

3D printable bowser

Please join the conversation in the comments section below. Or catch up with us on twitter, facebook or google+.


3dshare @3dshare
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