An Introduction to 3D Printing – 2017 Style

3D Printers: What’s Trending?

People of the tech world have shown a great amount of interest in 3D printers, and with the extreme improvements being made in this groundbreaking technology, the latest trends have shown the world that 3D printers are becoming increasingly accurate by the day. People have shown an increased amount of interest in these devices, and with their multiple uses in many different fields, researchers are finding new and exciting ways to make use of these devices as a way to benefit mankind. We have covered some of the latest trends which have popped up in the 3D printer world.

Faster printers

The 3D printer world has now started to develop printers which are faster and more efficient. This advancement in the technology has brought them back to the top of the market, and one particular piece of technology by Carbon has led to an increased speed unlike any other. Carbon has created CLIP or Continuous Liquid Interface Production which makes printers work at a quicker rate.
Faster printers would mean the chance to get jobs done in a quicker manner, and with the modern era being so concerned about time, 3D printer manufacturers have come to the realization that printers should follow suit and keep up with the times as well.

Printers which make use of new materials

Recent developments have brought printers to the capacity of using different materials while printing, such as metal and these printers imply that they can soon be used in many more fields. With an expansion in use caused by the ability to make use of new and different materials, there is no telling where 3D printers will be able to take us in the future. With new material being incorporated, like ceramic, wood and plastic, 3D printers can be used for an unimaginable plethora of functions.

The integration of functional elements

Although only a few printers are now able to integrate functional elements into their printed products, the trend is now leading manufacturers to design printers which include this feature. Most of the functional features which these 3D printers can integrate are complex electronics. Such functional elements can be quite useful in saving the time and energy that usually goes into creating them.

Research into the uses of 3D printers in medicine

Recent research in the medical field has led to the studying of using 3D printers for transplants. Scientistsat Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (North Carolina) have successfully printed an ear, bone and muscle structures, all of which have developed blood vessel systems and functional tissue once implanted.
Such research may be able to help save lives, and with greater development and time, 3D printers can be used in times of emergency and when there is a lack of organs for transplantation. Thus, this trend is a crucial part of 3D printers growing in popularity as such groundbreaking discoveries can help finish difficulties faced by healthcare providers.

Cheaper 3D printing

Companies which develop 3D printers are looking towards making the devices available at lower prices and even though this trend is a bit long shot and printers are not likely to be available at astonishingly low prices. However, manufacturers are working towards making this happen. It has that with the rise in sales of 3D printers it is likely that their prices will decrease as a result.

New applications

Soon, we will be seeing 3D printers being used for things that we never imagined before. Within a short period, 3D printers went from printing tiny figurines to houses and functional electronic systems. These applications are only going to grow and the uses of 3D printers will be infinite. Research is slowly shedding light on what the world can do with 3D printers and what ways they can be used to improve various walks of life.

More machines with different functional capacities

Manufacturers are also looking towards producing an increasing number of these machines, and with so many different technologies emerging with many different strengths and weaknesses, it is crucial to have more than just one machine with a single functional capacity. There are certain manufacturers that prefer making printers where human touch is required, while there are others that prefer creating printers which are more automated and this means that printers of different capacities are emerging with an increasing trend towards finding out different uses for these devices.

So, use the comments below to share how you would like to see the world of 3D printing develop and maybe help 3D printer manufacturers find new things to incorporate into their designs and models. 3Dshare is the perfect place to do so, and it allows for you to speak to the people of the 3D printing world in a space where you will be heard.


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