Striving to create a symbiotic 3D printing community.

The 3D filesharing site for designers striving to create a symbiotic 3D printing community.

With various content dissemination platforms and networks, there is an incentive for all involved. With the web the incentive structure may have changed, but it nearly always offers the creator of the content some form of financial or career reward. For the consumer, the content is available at low prices, or even free to be played on devices that have now become common in every western household (phones, tablets, laptops). The model across all industries looks something like this:

– Scalable financial incentives for the creators
– Consumer – obtains free or low cost files
– Low cost players for the file. eg. market demand driving the cost of tablets/media devices down.

The revolution of 3D printing however adds an extra dimension to this model. 3D printable files can of course be transferred into physical objects. With music, film or computer games, the digital files is the content. While a physical copy of the CD or blu-ray are physical objects, they are in all cases a container for the file. In the case of 3D printing however, the physical object is the file. As files become smaller and computing power and network speeds increase

– Scalable financial incentives for the creators
– Consumer, free or low cost files
– Low cost 3D printers. For those who have no 3D printer – Globally distributed hubs for printing

Exclusive 3D files3DShare is the new marketplace for 3D printable files. 3Dshare allows users to share their designs, either for free or at the standard rate of 99c. By allowing users to share their files for free we can form a legitimate sharing community of original designs. In order to incentivise designers to build a community that makes files available to all at an affordable cost, there is also the option to share files at the price of 99c. This means that popular downloads have the potential to make the designers a lot of money for their hard work! We’re looking to follow the above model in order to drive value into the hands of those who buy the files, whilst at the same time, rewarding the designers. It is hoped that in driving this model, we can get to a time where 3D model designers new releases are coveted like a new album. The designers can spend their time honing new and creative ways to disseminate creativity in the form of an stl file (or 10).

With 3DShare, like with spotify, users can log in from any web portal and have access to all of their files. The transformation into physical objects, or ‘playing’ of these files will no doubt get to a point where the hardware to print out the objects is low enough to become a commodity like a mobile phone is. At this point, the globally distributed hubs may not be as necessary as they are today.

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In this fast moving space, we want to ensure that 3D designers have the same career and artistic opportunities as musicians, filmmakers and authors. If you are one of them, sign up here and release some of your files exclusively – we’re sure you’ll get a pleasant surprise. The first designer to make $100 did so in less that 24 hours – we can’t wait to congratulate the first to $1000!

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