The most beautiful and practical simple 3D file designs!

Every week, new and exciting 3D models are added by designrs looking to inspire 3D printers around the world with their designs. Real life examples of prints from 3DShare users are being uploaded all of the time demonstrating the amazing quality of the designers on site. Every single 3DShare user can get the following designs right now, by just following the links and clicking donwload. Go and make something out of nothing today!


This week, we’re highlighting some recent designs that focus on printing simplicity, while capturing elegant and sometime practical design at it’s finest!


Wearable Data – world population growth

Beautiful elegance personified in this, the latest in the series from designer extraordinaire Catomized!


We live in an information society. We are surrounded by data but they are not just numbers. They have a strong impact on our lives, they are real, they are tangible. This new series from Castomized aims to solidify the information in a form perceivable by the senses. Wearable Data. This ring represents the growth of the world population on the planet. Each “leaf” condensation 10 years of data about population growth since 1960. Get it here now!


Flower Pots

Simple, practical, beautiful.


These elegant plant pots come in a range of sizes and live up the the high quality of designs we have come to expect from 3DShare Designer ScoIt. Get printing now and you could be starting your own garden today!


Simple flower pots collection 5.5×5.5 cm, 6.5×6.5 cm, 8×8 cm. Wall thickness 1.6 mm


Bag clip Duckybag

A practical and fast print from the magical 3DDesignplanet


No more soft chips, cookies and open bags with the Duckybag clip. Includes a file with a single clip and a file with 8 clips. Bon apetit!


Be sure to upload your photos of your prints into the ‘Makes’ section on each item’s page. This provides other users with real life representations of the experience of printing the model.


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