The roller coaster ride in week 1 of a 3D printing start-up!

We have learnt a lot in our first week at 3DShare. It went a lot better than we expected. The site has already had thousands of downloads, lots of money transferred into the hands of designers. But for every designer telling us that they had “sold more files on 3DShare than any other marketplace”, there were users advising us what we could do better. For everyone who told us we had a “phenomenal system”, we had people voicing concerns about showing NSFW content without warnings. So here is how our first week went:

Some facts:

The first designer to make $100 did so in less than 24 hours.
As well as getting $5 in their account for free, several people added their own money into the system.
Hundreds of new files were uploaded, the vast majority in the 99c section.

What we learnt:

Some designers don’t want their designs showing up next to NSFW content.
People are more likely to pay for exclusive designs – 4 out of the top 5 paid models.
Those designers with more uploads have more downloads (well duh).
NSFW content is often very popular!

What we’re doing about it:

$5 free for all.

There is currently thousands of dollars in the system to be used for downloads. We want to encourage designers to share files exclusively for a low cost. For this reason, we are extending the free $5 offer for anyone who signs up, indefinitely.

NSFW warnings - 3d printingNSFW Warnings.

We were self-billed as the reddit for 3D files, at which time we stated ‘We feel this is not irresponsible, but we’re open to having that questioned’. You know what, a couple of people did question that. Designers who build toys, or just do not want to be associated with questionable content. Even reddit tells you that something may not be safe for work before clicking it. For this reason, anything that is self-categorised by a designer into the ‘Anything goes’ category is automagically given a ‘This file is potentially NSFW’ warning. As usual, we are open to feedback on this.

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