Where is the Reddit for 3D files? Anything goes at 3dsha.re

The 3D file sharing marketplace space is busy. There is lots happening and lots of niche sites emerging to cope with the fantastic creations of those who can design in a 3D world. We don’t want to impose any limitations on people’s imaginations. This is where sites like reddit have flourished. We want to engage in the same level of diverse discussions and creations that reddit has done.

We feel this is not irresponsible, but we’re open to having that questioned. If somebody is old enough to 3D print molten plastic using some pretty hardcore machinery, we’re of the impression that they can find sites like ‘dongiverse’ or more extreme on the internet. This is why we have the ‘Anything Goes’ section. Obviously we’re not condoning the sharing of anything illegal and we will respond quickly to any complaints directed to us.

3D printer files

In their book ‘Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy’, Pelle Ehn, Elisabet M. Nilsson and Richard Topgaard suggest that “Makerbot and 3D Robotics betrayed an image they built. They flirted with the open source community and used it to build a customer base”.

While this does not reflect our own thoughts at 3Dshare, we can understand how restrictions in this emerging space are difficult to defend and control. We feel there is a happy middle ground. Thingiverse states ‘no pornographic or sexually explicit designs’ as well as designs that are ‘otherwise objectionable’. Objectionable by whom exactly?

Anything illegal, we’ll take down and aim to prevent the uploading of. Anything else goes.

Let us know your thoughts. Tell us what is wrong with this post and our ethos in general. We won’t get everything right. We’re not claiming to be the oracle. We just want to open the conversation in order to speed up the speed at which innovation happens in the 3D world.

So please, go and sign up and start sharing your designs from the edges of your imagination!

Please join the conversation in the comments section below. Or catch up with us on twitter, facebook or google+.


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